Registration Fees

Early registration ( mid-May, 2018 to Jul. 31, 2018 ) Extended to Aug, 10.
Researcher, Doctor, Co-medical: JPN 45,000
Trainee, Student: JPN 33,000
Patient & Family (3-day participation): JPN 17,000
Patient & Family (3rd day-only): JPN 5,000
Accompanying person (3-day participation): JPN 17,000
Late registration ( Aug. 1, 2018 to Sep. 10, 2018 )
Researcher, Doctor, Co-medical: JPN 57,000
Trainee, Student: JPN 42,000
Patient & Family (3-day participation): JPN 21,000
Patient & Family (3rd day-only): JPN 6,300
Accompanying person (3-day participation): JPN 21,000
On-site registration ( Sep. 13-15, 2018 )
Researcher, Doctor, Co-medical: JPN 68,000
Trainee, Student: JPN 50,000
Patient & Family (3-day participation): JPN 25,000
Patient & Family (3rd day-only): JPN 7,500
Accompanying person (3-day participation): JPN 25,000


Meet-the-Expert Session for Patients and Their Families

◆ Registration for Patients and Families

Patients and their families are welcome to attend all sessions by registering, but the program is mainly scientific-oriented. We are happy to announce that the Meet-the-Experts session will be held on the 3rd Day (9/15). This is an informal gathering that gives patients and their families an opportunity to have direct communication with TSC specialists from around the world.

Sep.13th: Scientific Sessions
Evening: Reception
Sep.14th: Scientific Sessions
Sep.15th: Morning: Scientific Sessions
Afternoon: Meet the Experts (Family’s event)

◆ 患者と患者家族の皆様: 日本語での参加登録のご案内(銀行振込みのみ)


3日目 (9/15)の午後、患者と患者家族向けに、研究者・医療従事者との懇談会が開催されます。このセッションのみ、ボランティアの通訳が入ります。世界のTS専門医と直接交流が持てる貴重な機会となりますので、是非ご参加ください。

第1日目(13日): 研究発表・討議
第2日目(14日): 研究発表・討議
第3日目(15日): 午前:研究発表・討議


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